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When Words Find Their Home

While Dr. Gibson's specialty is the novel (English Classics and British Literature), she also teaches Nonfiction Prose. She writes poetry and pens reviews for contemporary fiction. “It’s important to be involved in different kinds of writing, different modes, for different audiences,” she says.

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Curating Governor Brennan’s Legacy

William Hardiman ’19 and Raymond Mosca ’19 By Patricia Erikson The Maine Irish Heritage Center (MIHC) in Portland and Saint Joseph’s College share at least three things: Irish roots, people dedicated to preserving history, and a formal partnership that has created internship opportunities for students. William Hardiman ’19 (Brockton, MA) and Raymond Mosca ’19 (Augusta, [...]

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Communications Department Recognized by Maine Campus Compact for Service-Learning Initiatives

Maine Campus Compact (MCC), a non-profit statewide membership coalition of 17 Maine colleges and universities, held their 13th Annual Awards Ceremony at the State House Hall of Flags in Augusta on April 30. The ceremony recognized the outstanding work in public service and civic engagement by Maine faculty members, students, and campus departments and organizations. At the [...]

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What We Talk about When We Talk about The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games series is a fan favorite in popular culture. It happens to also be a favorite on college campuses—both for the students and faculty. By Shannon Chisholm ’14 The Hunger Games trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, has struck a chord with the American public. In 2011, The Hunger Games ranked as the third most banned book series [...]

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New, career-focused majors reflect national reports and trends for job growth

This spring, several new majors were approved by the College to begin this fall: Health & Wellness Promotion, Biochemistry, Writing & Publishing. While they cover different fields of study, each is centered on helping students become career-minded and market savvy upon graduation. A unique aspect of these new programs, though, is just how current and [...]

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Meet Vincent J. Kloskowski III ’95

In 1990, Vincent J. Kloskowski, III ’95 picked up a college and university guide in his high school guidance counselor’s office and changed his life. That was the day the New Jersey native first learned about Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. After earning a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in English and communications, he returned [...]

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New integrated communications majors

The college has announced two new integrated majors, one in sports communications and one in business communications. The new majors will enable students with combined interests in two fields to earn their bachelor’s degree in communications within a broadened program that includes a significant number of courses from the companion area. Sports communications is designed [...]

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Portrait of a professor as a writer

For Edward Rielly, growing up on a farm in Wisconsin and attending a oneroom schoolhouse are more than life experiences. They are continual sources of inspiration for his poems, articles, essays, short stories and books. A professor of English at Saint Joseph’s College since 1978, Dr. Rielly has been expressing himself on the printed page [...]

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Literary magazine continues to bloom on campus

"Students study literature and create literature. It’s important for them to have an avenue where they can share their own writings with the larger community,” says English professor Edward Rielly. Dr. Rielly is referring to e.g., the campus literary magazine that has been published since at least 1962. (Unfortunately, its inaugural issue date is unknown.) Managed [...]

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