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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

We Are Community

Saint Joe’s is the place where student life and community life come together.

Healing at Camp Kita

Camp Kita is named after the Abenaki word for “listen.” And that’s what Sydney Mosher ’10, her siblings, and Nichole Ivey ’08 are doing—creating a healing environment for children who have suffered loss, guided by the insight of the Mosher family. By Diane Atwood ’77 A few days before Sydney Mosher ’10 turned 14, her [...]

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Roy Mellon ’13, MATPT

Service All Around Originally from Saginaw, Michigan, Roy Mellon spent more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force. Now retired and living in Korea for 11 years, he’s serving the U.S., the Catholic Church, and fellow believers in his new role as deacon. For Mellon, service has never meant so much. By Michaela Hotham [...]

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Loring E. Hart Endowed Scholarship

Hart family endows scholarship in Dr. Loring Hart’s memory Thanks to the generosity of the family of a former Saint Joseph’s College president, students now have one more opportunity to receive the benefit of a Saint Joseph’s College education. The Loring E. Hart Endowed Scholarship, established by Mrs. Marilyn Hart and children, Matthew and Ellen, [...]

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Reflecting on the Elk River incident

On the shore of a disaster: faculty address Elk River chemical spill A January 9 chemical spill contaminated the water supply of hundreds of thousands of West Virginia residents with a chemical agent used to clean coal (crude 4-methylcyclohexane methane, or MCHM). And for two Saint Joseph’s faculty members—chemistry professor Dr. Emily Lesher and assistant [...]

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Aquaponics: the wave of the future?

Aquaponics: addressing marine concerns, sparking career interest According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), doubling aquaculture in the United States could create over 50,000 jobs and a billion dollar industry. Environmental science professor Dr. Mark Green’s class MS 360–Aquaculture: Science and Methods might help to make that happen. “The wild-caught seafood industry is [...]

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Peer-to-peer mentoring

Grant facilitates new peer-to-peer mentoring initiative Providing academic guidance and insight to first-year students at the College, a new peer-to-peer mentoring program—a product of The Academic Center (TAC) and a grant from the MELMAC Education Foundation in Augusta, Maine—is set to take off in the fall. The Peer Mentor Program accepts applications from rising sophomores, [...]

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What We Talk about When We Talk about The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games series is a fan favorite in popular culture. It happens to also be a favorite on college campuses—both for the students and faculty. By Shannon Chisholm ’14 The Hunger Games trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, has struck a chord with the American public. In 2011, The Hunger Games ranked as the third most banned book series [...]

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Digital Photography Goes Social

A spring semester course in digital photography added social media and camera phones into the mix. Is this the new norm? By Scott Quigley ’14 A 2013 Pew Research Center survey found that 58 percent of American adults own a smartphone, providing access to cameras and photo-sharing applications to nearly 240 million people. Another study [...]

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The Case for the Regional Alumni Chapter

Boston’s got one. Isn’t it time an alumni chapter opened near you? By Michael Bolanz ’00 Photo by Sean Pavone The 2013 launch of the College’s first regional alumni chapter was a welcoming moment for the College and its growing community of alumni. This inaugural chapter, located in Boston, Massachusetts, has set the tone for [...]

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