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In it for the Long Haul: Lane Hubacz ’09

Lane Hubacz shares his work at the cutting edge of aquaculture by Patricia Erikson "Not only are we helping to establish a sustainable food source, we can grow the business as much as we want to. That’s really appealing to me. I’m in it for the long haul." Lane Hubacz harvesting Basket Island Oysters. [...]

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Transforming Campus Culture

As Dr. Jeanne Gulnick finishes seventeen years of service to Saint Joseph's College, she leaves the College to begin her next career–as a nurse. Photo: Kaitlynn Hutchins '20. Dr. Gulnick's legacy of sustainability by Kimberly Post As a chemist, marine scientist, and environmental educator, Dr. Jeanne Gulnick has championed sustainability at Saint Joseph’s [...]

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Saving Sea Stars

Olivia Marable ’18 on her sea star propagation research internship By Patricia Erikson Olivia Marable ’18 (center) with two other aquarium interns on the beach at the release of a rehabilitated sea turtle. Olivia Marable ’18 of Buffalo, New York (Marine Science major with minors in Environmental Science and Sustainability Studies), enjoyed an [...]

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Erick Schadler of Raymond to Deliver Valedictorian Message at Saint Joseph’s College Commencement Exercises

Erick Schadler ’18, who is from Raymond, Maine, and is a 2014 graduate of Windham High School, will deliver the Valedictorian Message during Saint Joseph’s College’s 2018 Commencement exercises on May 12. Erick will earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. He selected biology as his area of study because he always knew [...]

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Sea Change in Science

Department Receives National Science Foundation Grant By Patricia Erikson Call them the SWAT team for the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concern for Earth. Over the past decade, science education at Saint Joseph’s College has undergone a sea change. Formerly split into the two departments of Biology and Natural Sciences and occupying outdated labs, more than [...]

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The Danger of Deer Ticks

Erick Schadler ’18 raises awareness through scientific research By Emma Deans Summer in Maine means pleasant days by the lake, scenic strolls through the woods, and evening bonfires with friends. It’s a time when tourists and residents alike seek to spend as much time as possible outside. It’s also a time of year when public [...]

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The Future of Farming

Saint Joseph’s College Embarks Upon Hydroponic Farming By Elyse Caiazzo ’18 Behind Pearson’s Café, a 320-square-foot shipping container provides over 1,000 students, faculty and staff with fresh, local, and sustainable lettuce, hearty greens, and herbs. The container holds over 4,500 plants in 256 vertical hydroponic towers which are nurtured by two Saint Joseph’s College staff [...]

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Ties to the Arctic

Arctic Council member Tom Barry urges SJC students to get involved in Arctic research. Photo caption: Tom Barry, Arctic Council member and Executive Secretary for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna New relationships between businesses and educational institutions in Maine and the Arctic are developing and Saint Joseph’s College is in the mix. When [...]

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Seeing Stars

Photo: The observatory when it was first installed in the early ’80s. It’s now been restored to its former glory, along with a few additional improvements. On the roof of the Heffernan Center sits a very fine optical telescope—quite possibly the largest of its kind in Maine. Installed in 1981, the telescope was in disrepair [...]

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