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Fall 2018

//Fall 2018

Moon Landing, Flower Power, and Women’s Rights

Margaret Morrissette LeTourneau ’70 attended Saint Joseph's during a time of change. By the late ’60s activism related to women’s rights, the Vietnam War, and racial desegregation swept across the nation. In Standish, the Great Debate came: should the College go co-ed?

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#Suitelife: A Style of Communal Living

Ask anyone about what they picture as a stereotypical college dorm room, and you’ll hear a number of similar responses. Cramped rooms, bathrooms down the hall, and one or two roommates. Feeney Hall, aka the Suites, differs from this picture by offering apartment-style housing for up to eight students. It’s located across from Alfond Hall in an area known as the “Fishbowl”—made up of five available residence halls that form a horseshoe shape. As one of the upperclassmen residence halls, it’s a popular destination on campus and one of two group housing options.

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