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Catherine’s Cupboard Refocuses Efforts on Regional Food Pantry Approach, Ceases Pantry at Standish Municipal Center

Catherine’s Cupboard will operate its weekly food pantry operations out of the Standish Municipal Center until December 19, 2018. Following that date, Catherine’s Cupboard will take the next step forward in its longstanding commitment to supporting sustainable communities and combating food insecurity by investing its dedicated financial resources and volunteerism in other local pantries. Following statewide and regional recommendations, this change seeks to increase the effectiveness–through greater collaboration–in the hunger relief food distribution system.

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All Roads Lead to the Farm

Two of Maine’s leading road construction managers, who support the College’s Institute for Local Food Systems Innovation, are awakening Gorham’s agricultural past By Emma Deans Danny (left) and Jon Shaw stand on the Shaw Brothers Family Foundation’s land in Gorham, which will be used for recreational and farming purposes. Photo: Emma Deans. [...]

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Student Trio Operates Freight Farm

High-Tech Job Opportunity on Campus By Patricia Erikson (L to R) Lily Lamkin ’20 (Standish, ME), Danielle Martin ’19 (Derry, NH), and Rebecca Barulli ’20 (Tyngsboro, MA) work in the hydroponic Freight Farm on campus, the first hydroponics facility of its kind in Maine. They transplant vegetables and flowers from seedling troughs to the [...]

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Brooke Murch ’18 Conducts Scientific Sensor Research at Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve

At the public pier in Wells, Maine, gulls swoop and cry. Saltwater rocks boats back and forth as fishermen haul traps, children dash across docks, and warm summer sun radiates across the faces of locals and tourists alike. Below the docks the ocean water teems with life—barnacles, starfish, and sea urchins galore. It’s a scientist’s [...]

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Curating Governor Brennan’s Legacy

William Hardiman ’19 and Raymond Mosca ’19 By Patricia Erikson The Maine Irish Heritage Center (MIHC) in Portland and Saint Joseph’s College share at least three things: Irish roots, people dedicated to preserving history, and a formal partnership that has created internship opportunities for students. William Hardiman ’19 (Brockton, MA) and Raymond Mosca ’19 (Augusta, [...]

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Saint Joseph’s College Announces Launch of Institute for Local Food Systems Innovation with $4 million in Funding

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine announced at a press conference today its launch of the Institute for Local Food Systems Innovation–a strategic partnership with federal, regional, and local governments, as well as corporations and individuals–that pursues the College’s long-standing initiatives in sustainability and community engagement, while contributing solutions to Maine’s need to recover manufacturing jobs, develop [...]

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Erick Schadler ’18 Researches Infection Rates of Deer Ticks in Raymond, Maine

Summer in Maine means pleasant days by the lake, scenic strolls through the woods, and evening bonfires with friends. It’s a time when tourists and year-round residents alike seek to spend as much time as possible outside. It’s also a time of year when public health concerns rise concerning the creeping, crawling arachnids you sometimes [...]

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An Evening at Saint Joseph’s College Celebrates 200 Influential Mainers

On Thursday, June 23, Saint Joseph’s College hosted some of Maine’s most influential and visionary individuals for Shaping Maine, an event that brought leaders from across the state together for an evening of comradery and conversation. The concept for Shaping Maine arose after Jim Dlugos, president of the College, was named by Maine magazine in 2015 as [...]

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Maine Irish Heritage Center, Saint Joseph’s College Announce Two-Year Partnership

On Sunday, February 1, 2015, the Maine Irish Heritage Center (MIHC) and Saint Joseph’s College announced a partnership between the two institutions to explore areas of mutual interest and concern over the course of a two-year term. The partnership was announced at the second annual Karen Lemke Memorial Lecture at MIHC, a lecture series honoring [...]

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