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Winter 2017-18

//Winter 2017-18

Heeding the Inner Call

How Dr. Jeanne Donlevy Arnold ’83 (Hon. ’17) has brought her passion and expertise to Saint Joseph’s College By Patricia Erikson Photo caption: Dr. Jeanne Donlevy Arnold ’83 received an Honorary Doctorate of Public Service at Saint Joseph’s College’s 2017 Commencement. When she stepped to the podium, she surprised the crowd with an announcement. Photo: [...]

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Steering A New Course

Anthony McGuire, PhD, director of the Saint Joseph’s College nursing program, takes the Center for Nursing Innovation in an exciting new direction By Emma Deans In the summer of 2016, Dr. Anthony McGuireset off on a cross-country road trip adventure which ended, as all great journeys do, with a new life chapter. Starting in California, he [...]

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Getting On Board

Susan Vontell ’82 Becomes an Ambassador for the Center for Nursing Innovation By Patricia Erikson Susan Vontell, BSN ’82, MSN carves time out of her busy life as a Nurse Practitioner working as a Surgical Hospitalist at the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington, Connecticut to read her alma mater’s alumni newsletters, as well as the online version [...]

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Sea Change in Science

Department Receives National Science Foundation Grant By Patricia Erikson Call them the SWAT team for the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concern for Earth. Over the past decade, science education at Saint Joseph’s College has undergone a sea change. Formerly split into the two departments of Biology and Natural Sciences and occupying outdated labs, more than [...]

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Mind, Body, Soul

Embracing a holistic approach to health & wellness By Emma Deans Outside the classroom window, blustery weather tugs the yellow and orange leaves from the maple trees. While the harvest season and holidays like Thanksgiving typically prompt reflection on the hardships that many people face, Dr. Karen Croteau is teaching students how to think about [...]

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Curating Governor Brennan’s Legacy

William Hardiman ’19 and Raymond Mosca ’19 By Patricia Erikson The Maine Irish Heritage Center (MIHC) in Portland and Saint Joseph’s College share at least three things: Irish roots, people dedicated to preserving history, and a formal partnership that has created internship opportunities for students. William Hardiman ’19 (Brockton, MA) and Raymond Mosca ’19 (Augusta, [...]

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Turning Passion Into Service

Captain David Stratton ‘19 was recognized by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office with the Maine Sheriffs’ Association Outstanding Achievement Award and the Community Service Award. David Stratton ’19 shares his devotion to justice By Matthew Gregoire ’18 On a sunny afternoon, I entered Baggot Street Café to meet with David Stratton ’19 of [...]

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Breaking Through the Silence

Thao Kieu ’18 Infuses Art with Activism By Matthew Gregoire ’18 (based upon an interview by Lauren Legere ’17)  On any given day, you might find Thao Kieu ’18 of South Portland painting in the art studio or out working on her photography, that is, if she isn’t busy crafting soap and jewelry from honeybee [...]

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The Danger of Deer Ticks

Erick Schadler ’18 raises awareness through scientific research By Emma Deans Summer in Maine means pleasant days by the lake, scenic strolls through the woods, and evening bonfires with friends. It’s a time when tourists and residents alike seek to spend as much time as possible outside. It’s also a time of year when public [...]

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The Future of Farming

Saint Joseph’s College Embarks Upon Hydroponic Farming By Elyse Caiazzo ’18 Behind Pearson’s Café, a 320-square-foot shipping container provides over 1,000 students, faculty and staff with fresh, local, and sustainable lettuce, hearty greens, and herbs. The container holds over 4,500 plants in 256 vertical hydroponic towers which are nurtured by two Saint Joseph’s College staff [...]

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