This spring, several new majors were approved by the College to begin this fall: Health & Wellness Promotion, Biochemistry, Writing & Publishing. While they cover different fields of study, each is centered on helping students become career-minded and market savvy upon graduation. A unique aspect of these new programs, though, is just how current and relevant they are to life after college.

Thanks to a U.S. Department of Labor report, students know just how significant enrolling in the new Health & Wellness Promotion major can be for their futures. Graduates from this program – a holistic study of health, covering fitness training, nutrition, health psychology, and health promotion and organization – will enter the market of health educators, which is seeing a growth rate that is more than double of other careers.

The new Biochemistry major, too, comes at a time when the market for biochemists is seeing a surge – up to 31 percent, nearing twice the national average for growth.

From the College’s English Department, students will take advantage of the new major, Writing & Publishing. Focused on developing critical thinking and writing skills, the major introduces a new course called The English Profession in the Digital World, where students explore how English graduates utilize their skills in the world of online and digital writing, editing and publishing.

Dr. Randall Krieg, Dean of the College, says there’s no coincidence that these new majors are relevant to today’s job market. “We’re always trying to be creative in how we fill the needs of our students and the community,” Dr. Krieg says. “Our liberal arts curriculum prepares our students for careers and life.”