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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

Team leadership guides Michael Bolanz ’00, new Director of Alumni Relations

After nine years as Saint Joseph’s women’s soccer coach, Michael Bolanz ’00 has been named the College’s new Director of Alumni Relations. Although having an office in Xavier Hall is something Bolanz never envisioned when he was a student, he says, “It’s something that I felt I was prepared for after my education at Saint [...]

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Grant fosters community support and personal growth for area children and Saint Joseph’s students

Funded by a grant from the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Saint Joseph’s students have joined 42 national Catholic organizations from 38 states to participate in Catholic Charities’ National Mentoring Program. As the only college selected for this grant, the College will receive $42,000 to fund nine student-mentors over 24 [...]

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Survey indicates high level of satisfaction for online students

More than 1,400 online students responded to a recent survey invitation extended by Brent Wooten, Director of Marketing for Saint Joseph’s College Online, and the results are in. And for Wooten, the results and level of participation all point to positive signs for the College. “Having more than 40 percent of our students respond to [...]

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New, career-focused majors reflect national reports and trends for job growth

This spring, several new majors were approved by the College to begin this fall: Health & Wellness Promotion, Biochemistry, Writing & Publishing. While they cover different fields of study, each is centered on helping students become career-minded and market savvy upon graduation. A unique aspect of these new programs, though, is just how current and [...]

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Alumnus finds a creative way to give back to Pearson’s Town Farm

RJ Turner, a 1998 communications graduate, has started what could be a creative, growing tradition of giving at Saint Joseph’s. As the marketing director of Plantation Products, LLC in Mansfield, Mass., Turner donated more than 80 packets of USDA-certified organic seeds to Pearson’s Town Farm to help support  a community garden. For Turner, this donation [...]

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Coach Putnam puts new track and field team on path for success

Saint Joseph’s inaugural varsity track and field team has enjoyed a great deal of success in their premiere season under the leadership of Coach Ray Putnam, the College’s cross country coach since 2011. When he first started, Coach Putnam was given a timeframe of four years to start the track and field program. He had [...]

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The Hart of Campus

Dr. Loring Hart spent eight years as the College’s president guided by one principle: the College matters the most. Dr. Loring Hart was a leading figure for campus developments that positively affected the social nature and direction of the College. His easy-going attitude had a great impact here on campus. With a simple handshake in [...]

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Perspective for Care

Phil DuBois is an award-winning long-term care administrator, and his years of experience in the field illustrate his credentials. But it was a tragic night in 2007 that gave him the firsthand experience of being an LTC patient that makes him the emphatic leader that he is today. Professionally, Phil DuBois had a noteworthy first [...]

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Creative Suite

The ability to tap into the powers of the left and right brain is increasingly becoming a useful tool for employees in today’s market. In the Stone Chapel, tucked behind Mercy Hall, freshman Nate Winter and Scott Fuller, chair of the Art Department, look over Nate’s most recent series of pottery work. Winter points out [...]

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Leader of the Pack

A natural-born teacher, Phil Castle ’11 has taken his leadership skills from a battlefield in the Middle East back to the States as an electronic medical records training professional. Philip Castle, 41, is one of Saint Joseph’s longest-attending students. Between a bachelor’s degree in education, which he completed in 2011, and the master’s degree in [...]

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