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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

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Saint Joe’s is the place where student life and community life come together.

Faculty and staff mentors help first-year students ease into campus life

In the cramped confines of a dorm room, a roommate gets on your nerves. In the gym, you begin to question your high-school all-star status. And in the solitude of the library at night, you simply miss the warmth and familiarity of your friends and family. The transition from high school to college represents one [...]

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Beyond red states and blue states

If you think political science is just about red states and blue states, you might be surprised. In fact, political science professor Stephen Aylward says he hasn’t found just one definition of the field that captures its breadth. No matter how it’s defined, the relatively new political science major on campus is drawing a cadre [...]

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Sister Mary de la Salle O’Donnell retires

After 49 years at Saint Joseph’s College, most of them as a history professor, Sr. Mary de la Salle O’Donnell ’47, RSM, Ph.D., has retired. She was honored during the spring semester at a reception with the Board, staff and faculty, where she gave an eloquent speech on the importance of teaching as the best [...]

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And the award for the alumna living farthest away goes to …

Jean Ranahan '67, lives in Micronesia, a nation comprised of hundreds of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Here is what Jean writes about life in that lush land ... Temperatures here on Pohnpei range from mid 70s to high 80s year round, and humidity is 80 to 90 percent. The annual rainfall in [...]

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The new journalism: are we just talking at each other?

Based on a conversation with professor William Yates As the mass media fundamentally shift toward countless choices and louder voices, something gets lost, according to communications professor William Yates. In that atmosphere, he says, very important information gets treated the same as superficial information. "Britney Spears' medical records take on the same weight as national [...]

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Companies get youthful advice. Students taste corporate world.

Thanks to students majoring in human resource management, a local law firm now uses Facebook, an insurance company has the ability to "tweet," and a nearby hospital knows what it will take to retain its new crop of Generation Y and Z employees. The major is a mere two years old, but under the tutelage of [...]

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Beyond the ‘cop shop’

Criminal justice major emphasizes sociology and social work background The criminal justice field has gone mainstream. Hit TV shows like Law & Order, Forensic Files, and CSI combine hard-boiled detective work with the latest in high-tech forensic science. You might say prime time favors police work. But what about in the real world? "TV crime [...]

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