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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

Sister Mary de la Salle O’Donnell retires

After 49 years at Saint Joseph’s College, most of them as a history professor, Sr. Mary de la Salle O’Donnell ’47, RSM, Ph.D., has retired. She was honored during the spring semester at a reception with the Board, staff and faculty, where she gave an eloquent speech on the importance of teaching as the best [...]

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It’s a long way to Zambia, but not when you travel with heart

It’s a long way from a small library in Hallowell, Maine, to Kaoma, a small village in the southern African bush. But a talk at her local library led Honorary Degree recipient and alumna Cynthia Murray-Beliveau to Kaoma, Zambia, for three weeks in the spring. When she heard four Maine women at the library talk [...]

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And the award for the alumna living farthest away goes to …

Jean Ranahan '67, lives in Micronesia, a nation comprised of hundreds of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Here is what Jean writes about life in that lush land ... Temperatures here on Pohnpei range from mid 70s to high 80s year round, and humidity is 80 to 90 percent. The annual rainfall in [...]

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Sister Mary George O’Toole switches roles

“I’m hoping all our graduates can say, ‘It was good for me to be there.’” That is the wish of Sr. Mary George O’Toole ’51, RSM, Ph.D., who is resigning as Vice President for Sponsorship and Mission Integration and taking on a part-time position as archivist for the college. Looking back on her many years [...]

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Out of the classroom, into the bay

Learning ecology by experiencing ecology During May semester, natural sciences professor Johan Erikson took seven students out to explore the ecology of the Gulf of Maine by kayak. For three weeks, they investigated the “confluence of oceanographic, ecological, biological, geological, and chemical processes” that have led to one of the most biologically productive regions of [...]

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College picks new leader for online graduate business programs

Nancy Kristiansen will fit right in as the new program director for online graduate business programs. After all, she authored some of the first courses for the Leadership MBA program when it began in 2003 and has taught those courses online since then. “I understand the Leadership MBA program really well,” she says. Kristiansen worked [...]

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New books by faculty

Professor publishes second book on Maine's Irish Dr. Michael Connolly celebrated the publication of his second book, Seated by the Sea: The Maritime History of Portland, Maine, and Its Irish Longshoremen this spring. Connolly, who teaches history and political science, focuses his research on Irish and Irish-American history and the labor movement in Ireland and America. Seated by [...]

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Talk – an interview with Father Lou Phillips

Father Louis Phillips teaches “The Reflective Educator” online for the M.S. in Education degree. This summer, he taught it on campus as well. He is the rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland, Maine, and administrator of the Portland and island parishes. A former Catholic school teacher and principal, he holds a Ph.D. from [...]

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