In an effort to improve the health of the entire Saint Joseph’s community, the College went tobacco-free on August 19. The campus-wide policy is in effect for students, staff, faculty, visitors and affiliates. This will protect smokers and non-smokers alike, and especially those who have respiratory health concerns. And to help lead the charge for healthy living, the College has created a wide spectrum of offerings.

To facilitate this transition, the College was awarded a Tobacco Reduction Mini-Grant from Communities Promoting Health Coalition, a Portland-based program in conjunction with Healthy Maine Partnership and Opportunity Alliance. The funds provide the College with new signage, on-site workshops, smoking cessation courses, information materials, guest speakers and much more.

To create a supportive environment, the College has formed a Tobacco-Free Committee, representing 12 departments. Members of the committee and others on campus receive training by the Maine Health Center for Tobacco Independence and Healthy Maine Partnerships Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The training develops skills that will aid others as they take proactive steps toward living a more healthy life. The committee will be on hand to assist anyone with questions or those who are seeking further assistance.

For any questions regarding this initiative, contact Maureen LaSalle at

by Jenna Chase ’11 and Maureen LaSalle