This fall, the College hosts its first ever Community and Sustainability Engaged Scholarship (CASE) recipients, who will pursue service and leadership skills through a curriculum that emphasizes academics and community engagement. These first-year students will participate in workshops, seminars and off-campus community projects – all directed toward topics in sustainability and community building.

“We are seeing more and more students coming to college with a strong history of community service,” says Kimberly Post Rowe, Saint Joseph’s director of community-based learning. “Many schools across the country have committed to service programs, both volunteerism and service learning, and the average incoming freshman has had experience with both.”

By providing this opportunity for students, the College is preparing them for success in the growing environmental marketplace. “‘Green-collar’ jobs are the way of the future,” Post Rowe says. “With concerns about the environment at an all-time high, these jobs have become the hot new employment sector. They all address environmental issues, such as water quality, food scarcity and alternative energy sources. Providing our students with opportunities to not only learn but also become passionate about our Earth while caring for each other is the best possible way for us to prepare them for successful futures.”

CASE scholars receive a $2,000 scholarship and must be enrolled in the sustainability minor and community-based learning courses. These students will be active members of the Eco-Reps student club, and will commit a minimum of two hours a week to working in the Community-Based Learning Office on campus.