Publications & Presentations

Dr. Michael Connolly (History) — “‘Changed Utterly’: Easter 1916 and the Shaping of the Modern Irish Labour Movement,” presented at the Ninth Conference of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway (June 2013); “Portland’s history-making mayor is the proud grandson of a Galway emigrant,” The Connacht Tribune, Galway, Ireland (July 2012); “Working Portland’s waterfront,” Munjoy Hill Observer (March 2013)

Valerie Connor (Health Administration) — Ethics for Health Professionals(Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2012)

Dr. Johan Erikson (Environmental Sciences) — “Linked basin sedimentation and orogenic uplift: The Neogene Barinas basin sediments derived from the Venezuelan Andes,” Journal of South American Earth Sciences (2012)

Dr. Sharon Martin (Nursing) — “The patient-centered medical home,”American Journal of Nursing (2012); “The updated immunization recommendations for healthcare personnel,” Home Healthcare Nurse(2012)

Margaret Powers Milardo (English) — Brandi, winner of the 2012 Grassic Short Novel Prize (Evening Street Press, 2013)

Stephen L. Priest (Health Administration) — Outdoor Play: Fun 4 4 Seasons(Professor Steve & Associates, 2013)

Dr. Daniel P. Sheridan (Theology) — “Catholic-Muslim Dialogue and the Challenge of America’s Polity, Values, and Culture,” Can Muslims and Christians Resolve their Religious and Social Conflicts?: Cases from Africa and the United States (The Edwin Mellen Press, 2012)

Dr. Mark Green (Marine Science) — Presentation on the impact of climate change on marine shellfish at Maine Audubon and Natural Resources Council of Maine panel discussion in Falmouth, Maine (2013)

Dr. Edward Rielly (English) — Poems appear in Bottle Rockets, Gusts, Modern Haiku, New England Letters, Red Lights, Ribbons, Shemom and Waterways, including “Hands Reaching” in Take Heart: Poems from Maine(Down East, 2013); Main guest and reader, The Haiku Circle, Northfield, Mass. (June 2013)

Dr. Amy Rady (Physical Education) — “Best Practices for Diverse Student Populations,” presented by the Cultural Diversity Task Force of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education at the AAHPERD Conference in Charlotte, N.C. (2013)

Awards & Recognitions

Phil DuBois (Long-Term Care) — 2013 American College of Health Care Administrators Education Award

Dr. Daniel P. Sheridan — Faculty Professorship Award (2013-2016); Faculty Scholarship/Teaching Award (2013)