Pearsons CafeBefore this summer, Saint Joseph’s used a national vendor, Bon Appétit, for its meal services. Now, the College has taken the food service operation in-house, and things are getting much more in tune with the local character. The result is Pearson’s Café.

Able to make more decisions that reflect the values of the College and take advantage of our location, Stuart Leckie, manager of Pearson’s Café, says, “The ability to improve our local purchasing program is easier. We can boast a local purchasing number between 30 and 35 percent.”

Owning the food service provider also allows Pearson’s Café employees to cater more directly to the individual. “Our staff are trained to anticipate guests’ needs prior to the guest even asking the question,” says Leckie. “We get to know the individual student’s wants and needs. Making special meals for just one person happens on a daily basis.”

The quality of the products produced by Pearson’s Cafe remains high as well. “We have a from-scratch philosophy that is far different from the majority of restaurants,” says Leckie. “The chefs in the kitchen are proud of their cooking techniques, and they are always looking to improve themselves.”

The move to Pearson’s Café also expands the College community: The 32 full-time and 30 student and part-time positions formerly of Bon Appétit are now official College positions. “We all felt a part of the College before, but now we truly are,” says Leckie.