Leading Innovation: Career Habits of Impactful Health Administrators

Anyone with work experience in health care can confirm — the industry is complex and continually changing. From new treatments and methods of health care to the challenges of paying for it, there is always something new on the horizon.

Now, health care is on the cusp of dramatic workforce changes. The result is a need for more doctors and nurses as well as leaders who can solve complex business problems while approaching health care with an ethical, patient-centered focus. In addition, the landscape of the health care delivery model is changing rapidly, with care shifting from acute care settings to alternative settings, calling upon health administrators to think outside of the box and adapt to this changing environment. To be effective, health administrators must be prepared, motivated, informed and innovative when taking on the challenges of a growing industry.

What can you do to prepare yourself and your health care organization for what lies ahead? Read on for some professional habits that could help you be successful.

How to advance as a health administrator

As you work to advance your health administration career, what skills should you be refining? What specific industry knowledge should you focus on? The answers to these questions are important, but there are other factors that also influence career success.

As you look for ways to stand apart as a thought leader in your health care organization, consider adopting professional habits that keep you at the forefront of the health administration field.

Stay informed of health care industry challenges and insights

Making an impact on your health care organization requires an understanding of the internal and external factors that influence doctors, nurses, facilities and, of course, patients. Make sure you keep a finger on the pulse of the health care industry overall.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to industry-specific publications, podcasts or blogs. When introduced as a regular part of your professional life, you will naturally become more versed in health care topics that affect you, your peers and senior leadership. This will help make you more apt to bring forth solutions that address your organization’s most pressing problems.

Attend industry events

You may be qualified to lead a department or propose a new initiative at your health care organization, but you still need people on your side to help bring your ideas to light.

Networking at health care industry events can help you build bridges and foster relationships that you may not develop in your current position otherwise. Try meeting industry insiders at local events, conferences and even online events like webinars. Even if you are just starting out in your career, take the initiative to attend an event.

Think beyond your current role

Health administrators must be able to identify opportunities for improvement and develop solutions for complex problems. This can get lost in day-to-day routines, however, as people get into rhythms of daily tasks and deadlines. To expand your influence in health administration, you may need to act like an influencer before you officially become one.

What ideas do you have for improving your department? How can you foster efficiency and communication between your team members or even across departments? By bringing forth solutions, you are positioning yourself for the role you hope to achieve.

Continue evolving through education

Health care administrator roles typically require some college-level education. But even if you are not ready to make that investment, there are ways to expand your education without enrolling in a full bachelor’s or master’s degree program in health administration.

Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate certificates offer a means to develop your health administration knowledge relatively quickly. These credit-bearing programs focus on a particular area of health administration, such as management theory or health care administration in long-term care settings. This gives students an opportunity to tailor their education to specific skills or positions in the health care field. Plus, many certificate programs are offered online, which makes it easy to continue your education while you continue working.

Expand your influence with a Health Administration Certificate

If you are looking for a way to increase your impact in the health care field, an online Health Administration Certificate could help you build your credentials and develop your industry expertise.

At Saint Joseph’s College, we offer online Health Administration Certificates that add purpose and perspective to career-focused curriculum. Students gain a knowledge of health administration that can be applied immediately in the workplace. And credits earned can be used toward the completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree later on.

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