Michael Mileski
Michael MileskiOnline Health Administration/Long Term Care Administration Faculty
DC, Texas Chiropractic College
MA, Kaplan University
MS, Kaplan University
BA, University of South Florida

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Michael Mileski has nearly 20 years of healthcare administrative experience. Not only has he worked in and out of nursing homes and healthcare facilities across the United States, but he has provided consulting services, litigation support, new construction and remodeling supervision, and a myriad of other support services to healthcare over the years. He has served as an administrator, regional director of operations, vice president, regional director of finance, consultant, troubleshooter, and various other positions in healthcare.

He has been teaching future long term care administrators for many years. During his time as an academic preceptor in the state of Texas, he has precepted over 250 future administrators.  


American College of Health Care Administrators, Texas Chapter, Professional Development Chair (2015-2016)


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AIT Preceptor Award (2017)