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The mission of Saint Joseph's College's archives is to collect, arrange, and preserve documents and memorabilia which directly reflect the history and the development of the College as it evolved from its beginnings at the Portland campus to its present day location in Standish, ME.

Acquisition Policy

The records of the official activities of Saint Joseph’s College’s administration and departments are the property of the College. Accordingly, every office and department shall deposit in the archives all inactive official records of permanent value.

Category Descriptions of Archived Materials

The college has had two locations: Portland, 1912-1956; Standish, 1956 - present. Materials pertinent to the Portland campus are sparse and, accordingly, incomplete, but nevertheless do contribute to filling in some rich pieces of our early history. Materials pertinent to the Standish campus are, as one would expect, more complete and more telling of the rich history that is ours.

Note: For a complete listing of archived materials, see the Master List of Archival Holdings (PDF).

President-photo credit Sarah Beard Buckley"OP" = Office of the President ---  Abstract

This classification covers a broad spectrum of materials that have their origin in and from the Office of the President: Minutes of governing board minutes, (Overseers, Governors, Trustees); property acquisitions and deeds; construction projects and dedications; silver, golden and centennial celebrations; numerous reports, strategic plans, master plans, presidential searches; College documents: Charter, Constitution and by-laws; Faculty handbooks; and various materials related to the growth and development of the Distance Education Online program. These cited holdings are accompanied with other holdings just as interesting but too numerous to mention in an "Abstract".

Photo credit: Sarah Beard Buckley.

academic affairs

"AA" = Academic Affairs--- Abstract

These holdings from the Office of Academic Affairs and covers annual reports from  Academic Deans to the President; quarterly reports to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Boards; policies on academic matters; materials related to the Academic Center; assessment plans; addresses from the academic dean to the faculty; plus other matters.



Faculty Senate

"FS" = Faculty Senate --- Abstract

The Constitution and By-laws for a Faculty Senate was accepted by the Board of Governors in 1983. Minutes of Senate meetings from that year up to the present, although with some gaps, are to be found in this section of the Archive holdings.





"GPS" = Graduate and Professional Studies --- Abstract

From its inception in 1976 this online academic division has had several names: External Degree, Distance Education, Continuing and Professional Studies, Graduate and Professional Studies, and its present name - which includes undergraduate and graduate offerings. In this section one will find materials related to collaborative ventures, program reviews, annual faculty conferences, self-study reports, etc. There are innumerable pertinent "GPS" materials contained throughout the Master List beyond what is cited here, and it will be well for any researcher to access these by going to the "Navigation Screen" and typing in any one or all of the above cited names.




"NUR" = Nursing --- Abstract

The academic department of Nursing is one of our largest and most popular. It was established in 1976 and its birthing and development are well documented:  Self-Study reports; accreditations, ceremonies, and its 25th anniversary celebration are among its holdings. Several of its "doings" have also been captured on audio-visuals so referencing that segment of our holdings will also be beneficial.



Student Life

"SA"= Student Affairs --- Abstract

As its label implies, the Student Affairs section focuses on those activities primarily connected with student life. These would cover Campus Ministry happenings, Family weekends, spring break workfests, Mercy Week events, etc.




"SMI" "ARC" "HR"  "ADM"  "IA" = (See below) --- Abstract

These several offices and departments include: Sponsorship and Mission Integration, Archives, Human Resources, Admission, and Institutional Advancement. Each has holdings, but not so many that would warrant separate "abstracts." The "Navigation" screen will take you to each, and you can readily see which file you may wish to open for further information.


Photos"PH" = Photographs --- Abstract

Photographs depicting different categories of personnel (faculty, staff, students, honorary degree recipients); dramatic presentations; buildings and grounds; commencements, athletics, etc. have been digitized and, therefore, readily available for viewing.



Photo Slides

"PHSL" = Photo Slides --- Abstract

Photo Slides are very few in number but are available for viewing. The categories are relatively similar to those listed under Photographs (PH).





Publications"PUB" = Publications --- Abstract

This area of the Archives is rather extensive and includes all Yearbooks and issues of school newspapers published since the '50's. Course catalogues since the late '30's are also catalogued. Multiple pieces used for marketing and sports coverage are also on file. Programs for award ceremonies, handbooks and much more are all ready for viewing.







memorabilia"MEM," "SC," = Memorabilia and Special Collections --- Abstract

The archival materials to be found in the Memorabilia and Special Collections sections contain such items as programs for a number of campus events, posters, plaques, materials pertaining to our the Golden and Centennial celebrations, mementos, scrapbooks, etc.




Audio Visuals"AV" = Audio Visuals --- Abstract

Cassettes, CD's, DVD's are found in this section. They cover events such as the Department of Nursing ceremonies, Commencements, Lectures, Anniversaries, Academic Awards, etc.





"MTH" = Motherhouse --- Abstract

Various College records pre-1956 were held in the Motherhouse Archives in Portland but at the closing of this site they were forwarded to the Standish Archives. They were left intact and should be referred to for information that may be complementary to what is in the main SJC Archives.