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Bachelor of Fine Arts


Professional and grad school preparation with Saint Joseph’s Bachelor of Fine Arts.

The major is designed around the philosophy of fostering community through art making. In studio courses, students learn to tell stories and solve problems across traditional and new media. We encourage innovation and interdisciplinary approaches as a means of creating new forms. Students also meet through colloquia to discuss contemporary theory, best practices, and creative entrepreneurship.

At a Glance

  • Students graduate with a set of competitive skills that include: creative problem solving, visual communication, engagement in analytical criticism, and sensitivity to aesthetics and presentation.
  • Personalized career mentoring through advising, public exhibitions and Internship experiences.
  • The Speakers, Performers, Artists, and Culture (SPArC) Lecture Series brings artists to campus and stimulates discourse in the community.
  • Lakeside campus offers a tranquil yet dynamic environment for artistic endeavors.


As fine arts majors, students learn creative problem-solving skills through a curriculum featuring two- and three-dimensional design, drawing, painting, art history, critical theory, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and printmaking.


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Just as an education in art is open to individual interpretation, so too is a career in art. Work for yourself as a fine artist, or work in museums, media organizations, schools, or commercial design firms.