Learn more about our Growing Future STEM Teachers in Maine (GFSTM) Scholars

Growing Future STEM Teachers in Maine (GFSTM) program prepares future science and math teachers, and provides continued support as they enter the classroom in high-need school districts.

Meet the 2020 GFSTM Noyce Scholars

Alia Bradley

Alia Bradley ’22
Biology & Secondary Education

Alia Bradley ’22 is a Biology and Secondary Education major from Windham, Maine. Alia is joining Saint Joseph’s in the fall after beginning her studies at Southern Maine Community College (learn more about the SMCC-SJC partnership and articulation agreements here). Alia wants to be a STEM teacher because she loves science, particularly biology. “Studying life and being alive has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Teaching STEM is more than preparing the next generation of professionals. It is about sharing the wonder and awe that is the natural world, while connecting natural phenomena to our everyday lives. I hope to empower my students with the knowledge of the natural system, so they make informed decisions as it concerns their personal health, behavior, and local environment.” Within the GFSTM Noyce program Alia is most looking forward to meeting other peers in the STEM network and discussing ideas that will help them to develop professionally. She loves to spend time outdoors and, in the future, she hopes to have the opportunity to mentor students in research programs and science fairs.

Jasmine Dort

Jasmine Dort ’21
Math & Secondary Education

Jasmine Dort ’21 is a Mathematics and Secondary Education major from Essex, Massachusetts. Ever since the first grade, Jasmine has aspired to become a teacher.  More recently, she has set her sights on becoming a middle school math teacher. She has completed practicums at partnering Lakes Region Middle School and Deering High School, and says she wants to teach her students how to do math and truly understand it. Inspired by her personal experiences, Jasmine hopes to put her skills to use with the students who need it most. She is looking forward to the GFSTM deep-dive seminar series, which will introduce her to speakers with expertise in the most pressing issues in secondary STEM education today.

Taelor Freeman

Taelor Freeman ’22
Math & Secondary Education

Taelor Freeman ’22 is a Math and Secondary Education major from Windham, Maine. “I want to be a STEM teacher because I not only enjoy math, but I like helping others with it as well. I love seeing the moment it makes sense to someone and that I helped in that process.” She is most excited to further develop her teaching skills and to apply them in future experiences through the GFSTM Noyce program.

David Walbridge

David Walbridge ’21
Chemistry & Secondary Education

David Walbridge ’21 is a Chemistry major from Hampden, Massachusetts. He has loved so many of his classes because of his teachers and wanted to have the opportunity to do the same for other high school students. David is most looking forward to student teaching in the fall to gain more experiences that will help him in the future. David works as an archery director for a summer camp and the thing he loves most is watching the excitement of his campers when they accomplish their goals, such as hitting the target for the first time or even getting their first bullseye. He looks forward to helping students achieve their goals inside the classroom when he becomes a teacher. David plays soccer at Saint Joseph’s and hopes to continue in the future. “I have a huge passion for soccer, and I plan on coaching soccer while I am teaching as well. Soccer has been a part of my life since I was a child and I plan on keeping a part of my life whether it is through playing or coaching.”

Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson ’22
Physical Sciences & Secondary Education

Ryan Watson ’22 is a Physical Sciences & Secondary Education major with an Environmental Science focus from Glenburn, Maine. Inspired by his own teachers, he is training to be a STEM teacher to help students discover knowledge and skills at their own speed. “I want to be able to inspire students to reach their potential focusing on what they can accomplish, and not comparing themselves to their peers, the way my high school chemistry teacher inspired me.” With the GFSTM Noyce program, Ryan is most looking forward to the national conferences and workshops on STEM & Secondary Education that will allow him to gain different experiences in the classroom and introduce him to new ideas. At Saint Joseph’s College, he had the opportunity to go on the Geology trip to visit the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and more. As a member of the college swim team, he also hopes to share his love of the sport with students.

Bethany Wilson

Bethany Willson ’22
Math & Secondary Education

Bethany Willson ’22 is a Mathematics and Secondary Education major from Limington, Maine. She didn’t enjoy math until she took college algebra with an enthusiastic professor who changed her view on the subject. She thinks that students need more teachers who are passionate about what they are teaching. She wants to be a math teacher to spark interest in the subject and to encourage students to explore all that mathematics has to offer. Within the GFSTM Noyce Program, Bethany is looking forward to learning opportunities and conferences. At SJC, she was able to observe a middle school math classroom in her practicum. She said, “I gained a lot of useful knowledge and the experience has only made me more excited to have my own classroom one day.”